track1 [ træk ] noun ***
▸ 1 rough path/road
▸ 2 what train moves along
▸ 3 running/racing course
▸ 4 part on which something moves
▸ 5 direction or way
▸ 6 mark
▸ 7 recorded piece of music
1. ) count a path or road with a rough surface:
I walked along a track to the mountain hotel.
dirt track: There's a dirt track leading from the main road.
2. ) count or uncount a railroad line:
a railroad/train track
a straight stretch of track
3. ) count a piece of ground used for racing
a ) uncount AMERICAN athletic events in which the runners run around a circular course:
run track: Are you going to run track in the spring?
b ) uncount ATHLETICS
4. ) count or uncount a line or structure on which something moves along:
a curtain track
a ) a moving part on which a large vehicle such as a TANK moves along the ground
5. ) count the direction in which something moves:
The storm's track was similar to several others this year.
a ) a way of achieving something:
the fast track to wealth and prosperity
We're proceeding on a diplomatic track.
b ) AMERICAN a course of study that students of one level or ability all take together:
a vocational/academic track
6. ) count usually plural a mark that a person, animal, or vehicle leaves on the ground:
a bear track
a ) tracks plural marks left by a needle on the skin of someone who uses illegal drugs
7. ) count a song or piece of music that is recorded on a CD, TAPE, or record:
The 14 tracks vary from happy pop songs to somber ballads.
a ) one of the sections of a TAPE that records different sounds that can be mixed together
cover your tracks
to hide any evidence that you were somewhere or did something
keep track
to have all the information you need about something:
We need a system to keep track of all our expenses.
lose track
to forget something or not have all the information you need:
I've lost track of how many times he called last week.
make tracks INFORMAL
to leave a place:
It's getting late I think we'd better make tracks.
off track
unlikely to be successful or correct
on the right/wrong track
doing or thinking the right/wrong things:
The figures show we are on the right track.
on track
doing or saying things that are likely to be successful or correct:
Vanessa got back on track and won the match.
on track to do something: We're right on track to create two million new jobs.
stop (dead) in your tracks
to suddenly stop, for example because you are surprised
stop something in its tracks
to suddenly make something stop:
The new administration plans to stop the reform process in its tracks.
track 2 [ træk ] verb *
1. ) transitive to follow or find someone or something by looking for evidence that shows where they have gone:
I tracked him as far as the factory.
a ) transitive to follow the course of a moving object such as a ship or aircraft using special equipment
b ) transitive to follow the development or progress of something
c ) intransitive to move a movie camera along on a track
2. ) transitive AMERICAN to leave a line of dirt or other small pieces of something on the floor when you walk:
The dog just tracked mud all over the kitchen floor.
3. ) transitive AMERICAN to put students in different programs, or in classes according to their level or ability
4. ) intransitive if weather tracks in a particular direction, it moves in that direction:
There is a small depression tracking across the Gulf of Mexico.
,track `down phrasal verb transitive
to find someone or something after a long search:
I finally managed to track him down in Manchester.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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